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For most people, losing excess weight - and keeping it off - is not an easy process. At GI Health, Dr. Anthony Ng’s team helps patients from Lower Manhattan, NY, lose weight using medical weight loss programs customized for their needs and their lifestyles so they can enjoy long-term success and better overall health and wellness.

Medical Weight Loss

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a customized plan that is overseen by a medical professional team and designed to help patients lose weight and keep it off while also optimizing nutritional health.

What kind of medical weight loss program does GI Health offer?

GI Health is the Lower Manhattan location of the Center for Medical Weight Loss, a leading provider of safe, medically-supervised weight loss and nutrition based on scientific results and focused on the individual patient’s needs and goals. The weight loss program begins with a consultation appointment to obtain a complete medical history and to discuss the patient’s specific weight loss goals, as well as the challenges the patient has faced in trying to lose weight in the past. A body composition analysis (BCA) will be performed to better understand each patient’s unique body makeup and metabolism. Next, a personalized plan will be developed which can include medically-supervised food plans, metabolism regulation, appetite management techniques, activity recommendations, nutritional supplements and prescription medication as needed. Plus, every plan includes behavioral and lifestyle counseling to help patients learn actionable techniques that can help them remain motivated, stay on track and be successful.

How does medical weight loss compare to DIY diet plans and commercial weight loss programs?

Commercial and DIY diet plans are designed for the masses and don’t take individual issues, goals and “stumbling blocks” into account. Instead, they rely on broad concepts like “consume fewer calories and be more active,” which can be sound advice, but it falls far short of recognizing the cause of weight gain, which can vary significantly from one person to another. Medical weight loss is focused on the needs of the individual patient, helping to uncover the underlying causes of weight gain as well as the issues that can cause patients to regain weight after they’ve lost it, then tailors a program to those issues while also helping the patient avoid food cravings and nutritional depletion with supplements and healthy eating plans that take the patient’s own preferences and lifestyle factors into account. Our medical weight loss programs are physician-led and patient-driven to ensure that patients have the best chance to be successful in achieving their goals and maintain them over time.

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