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Now Offering PillCam SB 3 Capsule Endoscopy

See more. Efficiently.

The PillCam SB 3 system was designed to improve your diagnostic confidence and productivity when assessing and monitoring conditions of the small bowel versus previous generations of PillCam SB. Innovative technology in this next-generation system addresses clinical demands for more detailed images, more tissue coverage, and more efficient interpretation.

PillCam SB 3 builds on Given Imaging’s unique expertise and collaborative efforts as an industry leader—including more than 1.7 million uses of PillCam capsules in patients worldwide, more than 1,900 clinical studies, and the most extensive library of pathologies.

More detail

The optics and imager in PillCam SB 3 have been completely redesigned and optimized to deliver exceptional images of the mucosa and greater diagnostic confidence. PillCam SB 3 provides a 30% improvement in resolution over PillCam SB 2. In one survey, 100% of GIs ranked the PillCam SB 3’s image sharpness, natural tissue colors, balanced illumination, and overall image quality as better than PillCam SB 2’s.*

More Coverage

PillCam SB 3 optimizes tissue coverage in a way that no other capsule endoscope can by employing adaptive frame rate technology.

Adaptive frame rate technology allows the system to sense when the capsule is moving quickly and automatically increases the image capture rate from 2 to 6 frames per second.

The dynamic nature of this technology makes PillCam SB 3’s approach to image acquisition efficient and uniquely suited to each patient’s motility.

More efficiency

The PillCam SB 3 system combines new capsule technologies with our most advanced software algorithms to deliver the most efficient capsule endoscopy study review experience ever using PillCam SB technology.

PillCam SB 3’s video processing engine has been significantly improved. Proprietary algorithms in the system’s new software enable even smarter video compilation that is 40% more efficient than with PillCam SB 2.*

This efficiency improvement can reduce the time you need to review and interpret your capsule endoscopy studies. As a result, you may have more time for patient care and other clinical needs.

It’s easy to upgrade to more detail, more coverage, and more efficiency

Each component of the PillCam SB 3 system— capsule, recorder, sensor belt, and software— has been fine-tuned to work in concert. Together, they vastly improve image quality, tissue coverage and interpretation efficiency.

With a global team of support professionals, Given Imaging will work with you to facilitate a smooth transition from your PillCam SB 2 system to the superior benefits of PillCam SB 3.

Managing patient health, together

Given Imaging is proud to partner with you and your patients for better management of small bowel conditions. We’re dedicated to helping you obtain a more comprehensive view, so you have the actionable information you need to assess, treat and monitor your patients.

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