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Canadian Immigration Exam Specialist

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Canadian Immigration Exam Q & A




AgeUrine TestChest X-RayBlood TestCash to Bring
Infant to under 4 years old   $200
5 to 10 years oldYes  $210
11 to 14 years oldYesYes $270
15+ years oldYesYesYes$310
15+ years old & on medicationYesYesYes$350
15+ years old & having tattooYesYesYes$385
15+ years old & tattoo & on medicationYesYesYes$395



Documents to bring with your visit and FAQ

  1. Original passport or Government issued ID
  2. 2 Passport Photos (passport size of 2 inches by 2 inches)
  3. Medical Form (IME # or UCI #) if you have it - no worries if you do not
  4. Bring Glasses/contact lens for vision exam
  5. For females who have their period (menstrual cycle), it is best to wait until your period clears for few days and no blood in urine before the urine test
  6. If pregnant, X-ray might need to wait or with shield unless you can get from OBGYN that it is safe to do X-ray. If not safe, or unable to do X-ray, case will be on hold and X-ray can be done after baby's birth
  7. Bring your medication(s) or medication list for chronic medical issues (Such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, Hepatitis, etc...)
  8. If patient has tattoo - must do additional blood tests at bio-reference Lab for additional fee
  9. Insurances do not cover immigration exam or tests. Bring cash for the total price.
  10. Walk in is ok from Monady to Saturday if you have all of the above when you visit.
  11. Chest X-Ray is done at 155 Canal Street New York NY 10013. Bio-reference for urine/blood tests is in the same building as our office.
  12. The cash includes the first set of blood test, urine test and chest X-Ray. If results are abnormal and repeat test is needed, you need to pay the lab company directly at a discounted rate
  13. We use eMedical and your case will be submitted to the site directly after we receive and upload your lab results.
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